Jess’s eye-opening presentation has been invaluable in providing me with the knowledge around why we often behave the way we do in stressful situations, and the tools to improve as a coach.

We will be applying the principles learnt with all the athletes we work with at Lions Sport Academy and would recommend Jess’s presentation to every coach, or just about anyone wanting to be more successful in their daily lives!


Strength & Conditioning Coach

I recently had the great pleasure of being present at a talk given by Jess and can safely say it was the most engaging presentation I have had the pleasure of attending over the course of my 20+ years in business. 

Unique, incredibly insightful and thought provoking, her talk joined up so many of the dots in my mind about the whys and hows of my modus operandi in a logical, easy to understand but also fascinatingly educational way.


Business Consultant

I want to sincerely thank you for transforming my life in such a positive way! 

In just a handful of sessions you have helped me confront and overcome so many obstacles that impeded me for the entirety of my life up to this point. I have tried countless other psychologies, methods, coaches, therapies and I ultimately thought there was just something intrinsically wrong with me, but would give this a shot and maybe get another couple of tools to help myself marginally improve.  

I couldn’t have been more wrong, I have absolutely transformed! 

It felt like regardless if you won the lottery and had 100’s of millions of pounds/dollars in the bank, you would still be doing this coaching as part of your life. It felt like you genuinely cared to listen and you sincerely wanted to help and be of service to my personal empowerment journey.



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